Discover How This Ugly Website   Generates Daily Sales Using Only  FREE Traffic!

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I'd like to share with you a funnel that I've found that is converting like crazy. The funnel was created back in the 1990's and it's still converting.

It's a $10 affiliate program which pays monthly residual income.

Does This Really Work?
When I first come across this course, I was like... Are you sure this works?
But heck, There's a 7 day FREE trial. Let's try this out! 👍

What if this works?
I joined and started making sales in 24 Hours Using FREE Facebook Traffic.

I was super amazed! Because most of the converting funnels out there cost at least a few hundred dollars to get started.

But this only cost $10 mth and the conversion rate is above 5%. AND a FREE trial.

If you can follow a few simple steps and copy and paste then you can set this up.

1. Click the "Get Started Button".

2. Watch the video.

3. Join the program. There's a 7 day free trial. Select your domain name and keep it simple ie.

4. Set up your payment info and preferred commission option. I chose PayPal to keep it simple.

5. Set up your referral link.

6. Send traffic to your website.

Step 5 Instructions
Set up your website so that you can send traffic and earn monthly commissions.

Click on URL Forwarding.

My username is "sbwfx" and my domain name is If you go to my website you are directed to the "Ugly Green Page".

Here is the link. Just copy this and paste it but change the sponsor=xxxxx to your affiliate ID.

Now click "Update" and you're all set.

Test Your Website
Copy and paste your new website into your browser and see if it redirects to your Green Page. and if it works you will see a page like this.

Join Today and I'll give free access to this landing page to help you make immediate sales!

Just copy my URL and change the sponsor from xxxxx your sponsor ID.

Alternatively you can replace the URL in step 5 to this one and send your prospects directly to this page.

"View The Compensation Plan Here"

The compensation plan above is an example of monthly earnings from the 5X5 matrix. We will place team members below you so that you will start earning commissions quickly. It doesn't take long to earn enough to cover your monthly $10 membership fee. After that you are making residual profit each month.

There is no limit to the number of people you refer to this program. More referrals = more income.

Discount Solo Ads To Promote Your Site
We have discount solo ads available for you as a "Quick Start" option. Bookmark this page and after you register you can come back to order discounted solo ads.

The rate is up to 50% off the normal solo ad rate. This cheap traffic is a great way to get traffic to your website fast.

Visit my solo ads website here but click the Special Member Discount link to order clicks.

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